Premium thermostat

Control your entire house (Shipping Q4, 2018)

Elegant Design

Beautiful industrial design, complete with a glossy black frame, gives your home a premium, high-tech feel.

Every Room at Once

Our thermostat uses the otto app, letting you control your entire home from one panel.


Customized controls let you find the perfect temperature, at any time of day or year.

Large Screen

Our full-colour screen is easy for anyone to use.

Auto Away

Otto works around you, reducing your home’s energy consumption whenever you leave the house.

Built-in Scheduling

Learning takes time. That’s why otto lets you customize your heating levels, while automatically reducing energy use when you’re not home.

A Warm Welcome

Coming back from vacation? Give otto a heads up and your home will be cozy and warm when you get there.

Tech Specs

Full Colour Screen
Full Home Control
2 Heat + 2 Cool
2 wire and 3 wire
Battery Backup
Fan Purge
Filter Reminder


Apple iPhone OS9+
Google Android 6+
Amazon Echo

Coming Soon

Google Home
Apple HomeKit

Access Anywhere

Convenience, security, and energy savings—all in one app. Your whole home is just a tap away.

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