Remote Garage Access

Open on the drive in.

Proximity Lock

When you leave your home, otto will automatically lock the doors behind you.

Proximity Unlock

Arms full of groceries? No problem. Otto will automatically unlock the door again as you approach.

Forced Entry

Special sensors built into the locks will alert you if there’s a forced entry, or if the lock has been compromised in any way.

Access Log

Know who comes and goes from your home with a complete log of when the door was used.


Our solid-lock hardware works on just about any door, with over one year of battery life.

Colour Style

Stylish and simple, with three different colours to match your decor.

Come on in

Easy to use from anywhere in the world. Give access to a friend, or a service professional, without changing codes or making copies of a key.

Tech Specs

3 Colours (Silver, Bronze, Gold)
Forced Entry Detection
Auto Lock & Open
1 Year + battery life (Depending on use)
Deadbolt included
Single Cylinder door hardware
Min. Door Thickness: 1 1/4 in.
Max Door Thickness: 1 7/8 in.


Apple iPhone OS9+
Google Android 6+
Amazon Echo

Coming Soon

Google Home
Apple HomeKit

Access Anywhere

Convenience, security, and energy savings—all in one app. Your whole home is just a tap away.

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