See your home

Away from home. (Shipping Q2, 2019)

Live Stream

With a simple tap you see exactly what’s going on in your home, no matter where you are.

Motion Detection

Even when you’re not watching, otto keeps a log of all activity, and starts recording whenever motion is detected.

Instant Alerts

Get notifications whenever otto detects suspicious activity, so you can take the appropriate action fast.

Always On

Our camera uses power, not batteries, so it will never get caught sleeping on the job.

Talk and Listen

A built-in speaker and mic lets you tell a pet to get off the couch, or a criminal that the cops are on their way.

1080p Quality

Clean and clear HD quality makes it easy to see exactly what’s happening.

What’s the Dog Doing?

It’s never been easier to see what the family pet actually does all day.

Tech Specs

Adjustable stand
Motion Detection
1080p Quality
Live Stream
Mic & Speaker
Auto Record


Apple iPhone OS9+
Google Android 6+
Amazon Echo

Coming Soon

Google Home
Apple HomeKit

Access Anywhere

Convenience, security, and energy savings—all in one app. Your whole home is just a tap away.

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