What if we could live in a home environment that consistently sensed our needs and automatically optimized our energy usage? What if we could redefine our notions of liveability and sustainability? What if our homes came with built-in security features and built-in learning algorithms? What if our homes adapted to how we live?

Those are the questions that drove the thinking behind otto. We live in a world that is rich with data—data we are finding new ways to use to improve our lives.

We do it with our personal devices, our fitness technologies, our cars. Now it’s time to bring it home.

Otto goes deep with home automation, becoming a barely noticeable yet indispensable part of daily living for those who use it. It changes the way people live, and because it is smart about collecting information on a large scale, it is destined to change the way builders, energy providers, and other home professionals think about the future.